Monday, May 9, 2016


You and I,
We were a story worth writing
You and I, like a fated destiny,
We found each other
Young, hungry for adventure
Watching you smile for the first time
Left a permanent mark on me
In your eyes full of promise, I saw our fairy tale
Weaving slowly before me
and when you took my hand, one by one,
the chapters started unfolding..
Every page took us closer to a happy ending
but only an ending came by
You snatched away the treasured pieces
Happiness for my heart you denied
You tainted every beautiful memory
Without the blinds of love now I can see
Vividly, the true colors that lied
behind the scenes of what we used to be.

Sweet love,
why play a cruel game on me?
Pulling me close then shoving me to the wall
Carrying me high just to let me fall
With hands that once used to embrace me
You yank my beating heart out of my chest
How fast you forget,
That it was the same heart that used to love you
used to sooth You
used to please You
used to carry your pain.
You have left me undone, my love,
Does it make you a happy man?

One step forward
One step back
Like a a horse cradle
I race against time
Two steps forward
Ten steps back
I battle with myself
Fighting the tears only to lose to my fears
No peace of mind
Always on alert
Waiting to catch you on the act
No positive thought, no hint of trust
Hoping for the best is a curse that brings the worst to life
I fight to break free only to retun back to the cage
No remedy can take off the itch, the urge
To fall off the wagon
To unleash the dragon
The heart keeps weeping even when I shut it down
No pain killer can numb it to sleep
It's a war with no chance of victory
I'm still in your blinds
Every candle I light takes me deeper into the dark
I bleed out trying to erase these marks
Scared for life.

Sweet love,
Did you have to be so sour?
Showing me the moon then banning me from space
Taking my love and throwing it back at my face
With lips that once used to heal my soul
You shut me out of your life in silence
I thought love was harmless
I thought people were treated like people regardless
Of where they were born
Of language they spoke
Of gender they possessed
Of styles they dressed,
Was I a different creature from human?
that you chose to leave me undone, dear one,
Tell me, has it made you a happier man?