Monday, August 8, 2016


I want to be smart like a bat
Hustling in the night when the rest of the world is slumbering in their flats,

I want to be insightful like an owl
Strategizing n executing intelligently until the world goes wow!

I want to be dauntless like an eagle
Exploring horizons, solving life's riddles,

I want to be zealous like a rooster
Inspiring minds with all my exciting adventures,

I want to be alluring like a peacock
Leaving permanent impressions even when the haters talk,

I want to be swift like a fly
Seizing opportunities before eternal sleep has touched the eye,

I want to be intelligent like a crow
Equipped with tools to solve puzzles that mother nature throws,

I want to be flexible like a swan
Transforming my intellect so I do not end up a pawn,

I want to be devoted like a goose
To stay on the line even when the rest are letting loose,

I want to be enduring like a Phoenix
Keeping on my heels even when earth collides with Venus,

I want to be distinguished like a falcon
Turning hills of dreams into mountains,

I want to be charismatic like a parrot
Mentally attractive and undoubtedly transparent,

I want to be artistic like a nightingale
Filling ears and hearts with compelling tales,

I want to be diligent like a bee
Striving relentlessly to build a beautiful future for me,

I want to be hopeful like a dove
Filled with optimism and a great sense of love,

I want to be lively like a butterfly
Embracing each second like the clouds embrace the sky,
I want to fly,

I want to rise,

I want to soar.

(c) Zuhura Seng'enge
     ~ A. L August 2016

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