Friday, November 3, 2017


Youth is an elixir my dear,
When in your bones it burns
and your blood is stained
Nothing you would fear.

It is that raft
In which we drift
As it gently steers,

To uncover new truths
To undiscovered islands
For tales for the coming years.

Youth is an elixir my dear.

Youth is a luxury my honey,
When the clock is in your favor
and there is time to savor
That bowl of fresh made money.

It is a treat
Of which we feast
When it is bright and sunny;

When flowers sway their hips
and birds sing of our escapades
Two irresistible bunnies.

Youth is a luxury my honey.

Youth is a paradise my baby,
A time you can chill
Abandon your sorrows
Unwind with your lady.

That delicious affair
Yearning to be explored
and commemorated maybe;

Celebrate on a special day
Before we are frail and grey
When the woodlands are shady.

Youth is a paradise my baby.

Youth is an open book my love,
You need not instruction
To have you a beloved
As long as you fit like a glove.

A beautiful distraction
To linger in
Blocking out the world above;

The scent of prejudice
A breath of violence
Keeping it pure like a dove.

Youth is an open book my love.

Youth is demanding my boo,
Keeping it safe
Securing its health
Staying forever new.

It is that thirst
That remains unsated
Over decades and centuries too.

A selfless heart it needs
To keep it in its feet
and true, so I choose you.

Youth is demanding my boo.

Youth is fleeting my precious,
Today it is born
Tomorrow it is gone
Always keeping us anxious;

Fretful in the day
Sleepless at night
To it we remain gracious.

All that lives must die
We know that it too shall decline
but it shall remain luscious.

For youth is fleeting my precious.

Youth is what make a life precious.

25 08 2016

Sunday, October 1, 2017


They say life is heaven when you meet the perfect mess to be imperfect with
Like blood, scars and sweat on the hands of a swords smith
You and I, never waited to be celebrated
When we discovered each other we were liberated
Took our fill of potions from the wells of addictions within one another
How blissful, to be selfless unconditionally in service of your lover
I learnt that the more you give the more you're fullfilled
So to your plant let me always be the field
I promise the best of nutrition
That black wine, your body's salvation
And I vow, to keep you hooked on it
Stain your blood with its poison like a habit
I vow to keep you fully hooked on it
Close by, always revolving around my orbit.

Drunk, drunk, drunk in my love potion,
I'll always get you drunk on my delicious sensations
The concoction, of life and death when gliding together yet safe, for exploration
Just like climbing the Kilimanjaro with little preparation
Your wish is my command, I declare
Limits are lifeless in my universe as my hands await for your dare
'But after you mi lady' you air
Taking my orders like a butler in that downton abbey affair
I think we could be soulmates
I think the sun would never sleep in the presence of our silhouettes
The world would sing love songs after us
In the long silent nights when lonliness makes a ruckus
We would be the band to sing it away
While we sail in our dreams they'll be having us on replay
So let us live like nobody's business we know we'll never be royals
And weekdays are always the busiest but to our rituals let us remain loyal
Because life is heaven when you're with the perfect fit, specially in an imperfect place
It's kinda like a splash of paints on a spotless dress - one beautiful mess.

~ A. L 15/09/2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017


We can be the mirror to reflect it.

We are the fire when winter draws its breath
The prayer when soul meets death
Like a candle when cities are blinded by darkness
The butterfly when flowers are shy to get intimate
We are the bodaboda when roads don't take us home
The love song in long nights when hearts are alone
Like a Nokia torch in a smartphone rebellion
The memory when bodies are old
We are the truce when peace is lost
The soulmates in a love deprived world
The soul mates in a love deprived world.

So I want to make love to my soulmate
My soul mate
Make poems when dawn breaks
When dawn breaks
Then make love to my soulmate
My soul mate

Do you want to know, how it feels to make love to your soul mate?
It's like having chocolate melting in your mouth
Like cold stone tangawizi in a sunny day
Like pepper burning on the tongue
Rain dancing on the sand
Like, coconut oil coursing across the skin
A chorus of canonfire
Like lemon dipped in honey
Bathing in ice cream
Like onions sizzling on the pan
Thunder rumbling
Dipping tacos in a cheese sauce
Wine tasting
Like a foot massage after a long walk
It feels like,
Flowers blossoming into full bloom
Reciting poetry from memory
A sunset with a zillion hues
Being high for a century
Like flirting with the moon till sun rises
Sweet dreaming in the titanic as it capsizes

And darn how you love that
I know you love that
Honey how you love that
Know you love that
Baby how you love that
Know you love that
Puddin how you love that
You love that,

Why wouldn't you, when I
Love you more than madly
If I had a heart I would paint my affections on its walls but sadly
You robbed it from me day one when you wore a smile, lips sealed yet conversing with your brown eyes
Love, was when you entered
Before I knew there was a door
When you gave
Even when I already had it all
When you answered
Before I made the call
Love, was when you stayed
When you had more reasons to go

So no, there is no lifetime my when you and I shall part;
If you would be the vein I will be the heart,
If you would be the craftsman I will be the art,
Yea I will be the bullet If you would be the gun,
If you will be the moon I will be your sun
If you would be the book I will be the story
If you would be the hero I will be the glory
Yea I will be the ocean If you would be the tide
Because if you would be the groom I will be the bride
And if love had a face, it would look like this
And we, well, we would be the mirror to reflect it.

~ A. L. 30/08/2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Woman

See the sun revealing my inner glow
See this sweat nourishing the seeds I sow
See the smiles striking when I show
See the trail blazing wherever I go
Tell me, did you know?
My Woman is, my woman is, my woman is..

Hear the trees whispering my tales untold
Hear the hearts thumping as my mystery unfolds
Hear this voice warming you when days are cold
Hear the vultures scrambling for the gifts I'm endowed
My dears,  were you not told,
My Woman is, my woman is, my woman is ..

Taste the fruits growing in the light I ignite
Taste this passion dripping from the verse I recite
Taste the wit flooding from my mental appetite
Taste the love bubbling in the hearts I excite
Oh yes, I could never be more right
My Woman is, my woman is, my woman is..

Feel the earth applauding when I plant my heels
Feel this will carrying dreams from lowlands to hills
Feel the victory nearing when doubt before me kneels
Feel the world dancing to the rythm my woman instills
Yes tell me, tell me how it feels.
For my woman is, my woman is, my woman is..


A.L 08/03/2017

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Touch me.. 

Reach inside my heart and bare yourself to me
Let me see you without your masks
Tear down your walls, take off your casques
Touch me.. 

Beneath the skin, and flesh, and bone, and blood
Light in me a fire
Warm my soul with your tender caress

Touch me.. 

Guide me to your shadows and undress your secrets
Let me be your diary
I promise I will never tell
I promise, in the past not to dwell
You do not want to be judged, I know
but to be understood

So touch me.. 

Touch me at my beginning
So you and I arrive as one
Touch me while my heart is beating
Not when I lay cold on the ground

Touch me in the now
Surely you know how
Reach me at the centre, make the zing come to life
In the depth of me,
Be the light!
Be the knight! 

Touch me.. 

Tuch me, touch me,
I dare you. 

(C) Zuhura Seng'enge
~ A.L 30/07/2016

Monday, August 8, 2016


I want to be smart like a bat
Hustling in the night when the rest of the world is slumbering in their flats,

I want to be insightful like an owl
Strategizing n executing intelligently until the world goes wow!

I want to be dauntless like an eagle
Exploring horizons, solving life's riddles,

I want to be zealous like a rooster
Inspiring minds with all my exciting adventures,

I want to be alluring like a peacock
Leaving permanent impressions even when the haters talk,

I want to be swift like a fly
Seizing opportunities before eternal sleep has touched the eye,

I want to be intelligent like a crow
Equipped with tools to solve puzzles that mother nature throws,

I want to be flexible like a swan
Transforming my intellect so I do not end up a pawn,

I want to be devoted like a goose
To stay on the line even when the rest are letting loose,

I want to be enduring like a Phoenix
Keeping on my heels even when earth collides with Venus,

I want to be distinguished like a falcon
Turning hills of dreams into mountains,

I want to be charismatic like a parrot
Mentally attractive and undoubtedly transparent,

I want to be artistic like a nightingale
Filling ears and hearts with compelling tales,

I want to be diligent like a bee
Striving relentlessly to build a beautiful future for me,

I want to be hopeful like a dove
Filled with optimism and a great sense of love,

I want to be lively like a butterfly
Embracing each second like the clouds embrace the sky,
I want to fly,

I want to rise,

I want to soar.

(c) Zuhura Seng'enge
     ~ A. L August 2016