Friday, November 3, 2017


Youth is an elixir my dear,
When in your bones it burns
and your blood is stained
Nothing you would fear.

It is that raft
In which we drift
As it gently steers,

To uncover new truths
To undiscovered islands
For tales for the coming years.

Youth is an elixir my dear.

Youth is a luxury my honey,
When the clock is in your favor
and there is time to savor
That bowl of fresh made money.

It is a treat
Of which we feast
When it is bright and sunny;

When flowers sway their hips
and birds sing of our escapades
Two irresistible bunnies.

Youth is a luxury my honey.

Youth is a paradise my baby,
A time you can chill
Abandon your sorrows
Unwind with your lady.

That delicious affair
Yearning to be explored
and commemorated maybe;

Celebrate on a special day
Before we are frail and grey
When the woodlands are shady.

Youth is a paradise my baby.

Youth is an open book my love,
You need not instruction
To have you a beloved
As long as you fit like a glove.

A beautiful distraction
To linger in
Blocking out the world above;

The scent of prejudice
A breath of violence
Keeping it pure like a dove.

Youth is an open book my love.

Youth is demanding my boo,
Keeping it safe
Securing its health
Staying forever new.

It is that thirst
That remains unsated
Over decades and centuries too.

A selfless heart it needs
To keep it in its feet
and true, so I choose you.

Youth is demanding my boo.

Youth is fleeting my precious,
Today it is born
Tomorrow it is gone
Always keeping us anxious;

Fretful in the day
Sleepless at night
To it we remain gracious.

All that lives must die
We know that it too shall decline
but it shall remain luscious.

For youth is fleeting my precious.

Youth is what make a life precious.

25 08 2016

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