Sunday, January 4, 2015


If a man was treasure,
I would never grow thirsty,
I would never starve,
I would always be coated in glistering love,
For he is the pillar of the family,
The one who gives a home security,
He turns a woman's dreams to reality,
If a man was treasure,
I would never have to worry, 
I would always walk in his glory, 
For he is a warrior in life,
The one who fights for the dignity of his wife,
He wins battles with honor not with knives,
If a man was treasure I would be,
The richest pirate on earth.
©Zuhura Seng'enge
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A Lullaby For a Friend.

Sometimes life may give you reasons to cry
but I will always be your reason to smile
Sometimes life may give you grief and pain
but I will always bring your spirits again
and when people mistreat you,
when they blame and misjudge you,
I will always be there to support you
I will stand by your side and fight with you
and if you ever need a friend to hold your hand
I will be here next you till the end.

Sometimes life may give your reasons to die
but I will always give you more to stay alive
Sometimes life may give you wounds and scars
but that is when you reach for the stars
and when people mislead you,
when they turn and betray you,
I will always be there to guide you
I will stand by your side and protect you
So if you ever need a friend to hold your hand
Know that I'm always here till the end.

©Zuhura Seng'enge.
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Friday, January 2, 2015


I have seen legends fall,
from fearless creatures to nothing at all,
I have seen men kill their souls,
with greed for power and riches,
tearing a world that cannot be mended with stitches,
I have seen people bleed,
for crumbs of bread, their families to feed,
I have seen men destroying dreams,
The strong fighting the weak,
I have seen families break,
Women and children living in fear,
I have seen their tears,
I have seen it all,

Yes,  I have seen it all,
and death,
but i just stood by and watched as others suffered,
with my fingers crossed, hoping no harm would not come to me,
Will my lord forgive me,
for these shameful sins?
For leaving my brothers and sisters to die,
while I hid and did nothing to save them,
not even fight alongside them,
They bled, while I just stared,
They suffered, and I was spared,
and I ask myself, what have I done to deserve such mercy,
Were my actions more honorable than theirs?
Was my life worthier than theirs?

I know I'm far from perfect,
I know I'm a lost soul
I know now that this was a test
that he wanted me to change my ways,
be a better person,
and try everyday,
to do something for others,
sisters and brothers,
to stop the suffering, eradicate the hate
to make the world into a better place.

Yes,  I have seen legends fall,
from fearless creatures to nothing at all,
I have seen men kill their souls,
with greed for power and riches,
tearing a world that cannot be mended with stitches,
I have seen people bleed,
for crumbs of bread, their families to feed,
I have seen men destroying dreams,
The strong fighting the weak,
I have seen families break,
Women and children living in fear,
I have seen their tears,
I have seen it all,
hate.., pain..,  death..,
but I will not stand by and watch,
I will stand with them, fight for them, bleed alongside them,
and if death shall come to me, I know my soul will be free,
for I have found my faith again,
I have found my reason,  to live again.
©Zuhura Seng'enge.
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It is because of you I do not have to be lonely
You are always there when I need you
You stand by me, fighting for what I believe in
You always care if I am hurting
and when thunder crashes you risk everything
to make sure that I do not face it alone
You make sure you are that friend i can lean on.

It is because of you I never worry about a bad day
You make me laugh when whenever you're around
You challenge me, pushing hard if you have to
You always tell me nothing is easy
and when I hesitate you give me hope and strength
to make sure that I do not let go of my dreams
Yes I'm sure with you as my friend, I can achieve.

Life is a journey with bumpy roads
but if you have that friend by your side,
that friend who brightens your day, you know
that the ride will be totally worth it
Yes this ride is totally worth it.

©Zuhura Seng'enge.
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I Love You.

A million poems will not say it all,
neither would a million songs,
A million gifts will not weigh enough,
neither would precious stones,
A million years will not express it all,
neither would a million seasons,
It is such a blessing that I have it all,
and you are the reason,
I'm thankful,
I'm grateful,
and you are the reason,
I Love You.

©Zuhura Seng'enge.
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Umebadili maisha yangu,
Ukauteka na moyo wangu,
Mapenzi yako asali yangu,
Amani na furaha ni nyingi ukiwa kwangu.

Uzima wako faraja yangu,
Ucheshi wako liwazo langu,
Ukweli wako heshima yangu,
Nitunze nikutunze daima ukae kwangu.

Tusisikilize yale ya watu,
Kuaminiana jukumu letu,
Kusalitiana tusithubutu,
Tufurahi kila siku upendo ukae kwetu.

Tuwe kitu moja tupange yetu,
Tukishikamana ushindi wetu,
Tukivumilia mavuno yetu,
Tumuombe nae Mungu mazuri yapite kwetu.

©Zuhura Seng'enge

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Empower Childhood.

by Chandra Prakash Sharma & Zuhura Seng'enge.

Childhood comes with trailing glory
Each child has a different story
Some are born with silver spoon
For them the faery land’s boon

Others in dingy darkness born
Of decent life they are shorn
They live in hatred and scorn
All through childhood they mourn

Let us the poor child empower
Make him not victim of man hour
Give him a chance to play and grow
Don’t give his jolly life a blow

Allow his body and mind bloom
Let not the terror on him loom
In them our future make secure
Lest disease and disgust them devour

Let not penury freeze their rage
Let us not them keep in cage
If we want to take big strides
Educate and fill them with pride

Let not the child by hunger damned
Child labor everywhere be banned
Let us amend the law of land
For joyous childhood take a stand

Knowledge for them as they grow
From there happy humanity flow
‘Child is the father of man’ we know
Let childhood bound in piety glow.

©Chandra Prakash Sharma
     Zuhura Seng'enge.

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I move a little closer to snuggle in your arms
I wait for you to pull me, and hold me real tight
Minutes racing still can't feel your touch
I open my eyes; then I realize, that I'm here just
all alone,

Crazy thoughts and fear of loneliness visited my eyes
I opened wide my arms and this colourless air is all i embraced
This scary and hallow life is what i tearfully faced
Darkness became my friend yet my heart kept saying all these are just lies,

Slowly, slowly this heart beats then stops
Forcing my blood to clot
Air seizes from my lungs, i choke as i recall
The way you held her so lovingly, knowing
I will never know how that would feel to me,

For me you kept as far a distance even in this freezing cold
I kept beating myself for not learning how to read signs
Blaming God for not teaching me when to read between the lines
Blaming even my ancestors for not alerting my mind when a lie is told,

I watched as you wore your masks of pretense
Listened as you spoke your words of deceit
Waited as you took away my dignity with your infidelity
Like a mindless being i let you play me for a fool
Naive as i was i kept believing our love was true, Alas!
I'm a loser who watched you pass by and go
While you took away the life from my heart, from my soul,

Ooh you even labeling me to your friends as an obsessed lunatic
Having a drink laughing out my feelings like a comic
Hurting me has even brought pleasure to your bread and butter
How did i not see your filthy intentions, i wonder
Like an injured lamb i am limping for you dragged me against piercing stones
Tearing my healthy heart into tiny pieces of bones..
Never again shall i sell my soul to any man so less!
Never again will i, in front of any man my heart undress!

Written by Mosela Kgomo & Zuhura Seng'enge.

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To be a woman is an opportunity,
It is not as easy as it seems,
to build respect and raise a family,
walking children to their dreams.
To be a woman is a responsibility,
solving problems, making a change,
showing love and ability,
to take on challenges and capture the stage.
To be a woman is everything,
It is love, it is faith,
And life would not mean anything,
Without a woman and her strength.
© Zuhura Seng’enge
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The Lost Dream.

The Lost Dream
A duet stage performance
By Adam Kaps & Zuhura Seng'enge.  (A-Z)

On days when my heart cant contain itself,
It takes me to deeper places.
With your beautiful image that once made me smile,
You come in my dreams and haunt me in a thousand faces.
When night time falls on the floor of the ocean,
The deep water presses down on me.
With names you used to call me in the past memories,
You come to me in my dreams and keep haunting me.
What do you need from me?
Why cant you let me breathe?

At times I run in the middle of the forest, just to stay away from you.
You're everywhere like US Dollar in the forex, you don't make me wait in the queue.
And when I'm lonely, I only play my acoustic guitor, but I still hear sweet melodies of your voice.
Left, right, front and back, you're all on me like I've got no other choice.
What do you need from me?
Why cant you set me free?

Bruised by tears of sorrow,
I have become blind to the world,
Even you have grown faint to me now,
And i think maybe things would get better somehow,
But like a ghost i still wander round and round in circles,
Seeking for direction, redemption, attention, affection,
Because obsession over you is compelling,
Even when you disappear from me,
I still hear your voice calling and calling,
Tell me, what do you need from me?

So why do you come to my dream and take me to heaven?
In my dream I followed you like six and seven.
But I must wake up, and start to chase you for good.
Enough of feeling cold, you're my summer coming soon.
Enough of being lonely at night just talking to the moon.
Coz all I see in the sky is our names written in the stars.
And they all fall down on me, to the bottom of my heart.

I 'm not an angel,
I 'm not a knight.
But if you let me i can be yo hero tonight.

I 'm not a fairy,
I 'm not a witch.
But if I had magic I'd make you my charming prince.

But if i were an angel,
but, if i were a witch,
I would change the past so you won't have to be the lost dream.

@MOG Lapoetista Openmic.
Thursday 6/11/2014  10:40pm.

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Beauty Beyond Compare.

You are a beauty beyond compare;  
A woman of worthy, my eyes have finally bared,
witness to how dawn makes your beauty more rare,
Captivating to the eye that dares to stare.

You are the shimmering light when day breaks,
You are a song the sirens dream to make,
A woman of class,
Full of life, full of grace,
Envied by every creature that glimpses your face.

Genuine is the kindness that you show,
You are pure of heart, a loving soul,
Everything you touch seems to glow,
Every time you touch a heart love grows.

You are more preciuos than diamond and gold,
You are a wonder to behold,
Worthy of the tittle that you are bestowed,
Worthy of the gifts that you are endowed.

Dressed so decently,
Such fineness I have never seen,
Poised with manner befitting a queen,
Blessed with a smile that puts minds on a spin,
An image of sophistication,
Without and within.
Alive became my ears hearing your name my dear,
Blessed I would still be if i were only your court jester,
To have you in my life is more than the Lord could offer,
To watch you laugh is magic, I wish to witness it forever.

Have me my love and my love for you shall know no bounds,
I will vow forever with you as we stand on sacred grounds,
with our loved ones; family, friends, comrades from known and unknown towns,
To honor my promise to love you through all ups and downs. 

As it dawns again I wake to your breathtaking smile,
It is hard to fathom that you are trully here,  and mine,
A beauty beyond compare my eyes have never seen
A woman of worthy with manner befitting a queen.
©Zuhura Seng'enge
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A Gentleman.

My dear, you are a gentleman;
How often do I tell you that you are the kind of man,
I have always dreamt to call my only one,
I have always wished to love since love had begun? 

You are the kind of man who makes every moment full of fun,
The kind of man who'se thankful when he has plenty and when he has none,
Who gives me shade from snow, rain and flames of the blazing sun,
You are the man who walks in when every other begins to run,
You are a gentleman my dear, I know
because you are mine.

If I should have faith and not question,
I would have it for you my white knight,
Precious to me for I know how blessed you are with such might,
that you never use for violence but to fight for what is right,
It is joy to have you walk beside me every night,
Knowing I'm the one you'd always kiss and hold tight,
from dusk, through the night until it's warm and bright.

My love, you are trully a special one,
The kind with stature, bold, brave, an honorable man,
The kind I have always wished to love since love begun,
Thankful I'll always be for making me your white swan, 
Proud it would make me to be the mother of your son,
For you my love,
You are a gentleman
You my dear,
You are a gentleman.

©Zuhura Seng'enge
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Fragile Heart.

Mine is a fragile heart;
Easy to fall,
Easy to break, 
I have felt every sting and toll,
that life brings along, 
My eyes are the witness,
of every tear i shed,
of every hand i held,
then left to seek a different companion. 

I have crawled out of dark corners,
Lifted myself from horrors,
those, brought upon me by my enemies, 
I have felt the deepest passions,
only to dive back again,
In the same oceans of pain, 
and when the years roll by,
I only realize that I,
Will always have a reason to cry, 
For mine is a fragile heart,
Easy to fall,
Easy to break.
©Zuhura Seng'enge
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