Friday, January 2, 2015

A Gentleman.

My dear, you are a gentleman;
How often do I tell you that you are the kind of man,
I have always dreamt to call my only one,
I have always wished to love since love had begun? 

You are the kind of man who makes every moment full of fun,
The kind of man who'se thankful when he has plenty and when he has none,
Who gives me shade from snow, rain and flames of the blazing sun,
You are the man who walks in when every other begins to run,
You are a gentleman my dear, I know
because you are mine.

If I should have faith and not question,
I would have it for you my white knight,
Precious to me for I know how blessed you are with such might,
that you never use for violence but to fight for what is right,
It is joy to have you walk beside me every night,
Knowing I'm the one you'd always kiss and hold tight,
from dusk, through the night until it's warm and bright.

My love, you are trully a special one,
The kind with stature, bold, brave, an honorable man,
The kind I have always wished to love since love begun,
Thankful I'll always be for making me your white swan, 
Proud it would make me to be the mother of your son,
For you my love,
You are a gentleman
You my dear,
You are a gentleman.

©Zuhura Seng'enge
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