Friday, January 2, 2015


I move a little closer to snuggle in your arms
I wait for you to pull me, and hold me real tight
Minutes racing still can't feel your touch
I open my eyes; then I realize, that I'm here just
all alone,

Crazy thoughts and fear of loneliness visited my eyes
I opened wide my arms and this colourless air is all i embraced
This scary and hallow life is what i tearfully faced
Darkness became my friend yet my heart kept saying all these are just lies,

Slowly, slowly this heart beats then stops
Forcing my blood to clot
Air seizes from my lungs, i choke as i recall
The way you held her so lovingly, knowing
I will never know how that would feel to me,

For me you kept as far a distance even in this freezing cold
I kept beating myself for not learning how to read signs
Blaming God for not teaching me when to read between the lines
Blaming even my ancestors for not alerting my mind when a lie is told,

I watched as you wore your masks of pretense
Listened as you spoke your words of deceit
Waited as you took away my dignity with your infidelity
Like a mindless being i let you play me for a fool
Naive as i was i kept believing our love was true, Alas!
I'm a loser who watched you pass by and go
While you took away the life from my heart, from my soul,

Ooh you even labeling me to your friends as an obsessed lunatic
Having a drink laughing out my feelings like a comic
Hurting me has even brought pleasure to your bread and butter
How did i not see your filthy intentions, i wonder
Like an injured lamb i am limping for you dragged me against piercing stones
Tearing my healthy heart into tiny pieces of bones..
Never again shall i sell my soul to any man so less!
Never again will i, in front of any man my heart undress!

Written by Mosela Kgomo & Zuhura Seng'enge.

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