Friday, January 2, 2015


It is because of you I do not have to be lonely
You are always there when I need you
You stand by me, fighting for what I believe in
You always care if I am hurting
and when thunder crashes you risk everything
to make sure that I do not face it alone
You make sure you are that friend i can lean on.

It is because of you I never worry about a bad day
You make me laugh when whenever you're around
You challenge me, pushing hard if you have to
You always tell me nothing is easy
and when I hesitate you give me hope and strength
to make sure that I do not let go of my dreams
Yes I'm sure with you as my friend, I can achieve.

Life is a journey with bumpy roads
but if you have that friend by your side,
that friend who brightens your day, you know
that the ride will be totally worth it
Yes this ride is totally worth it.

©Zuhura Seng'enge.
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