Friday, January 2, 2015

The Lost Dream.

The Lost Dream
A duet stage performance
By Adam Kaps & Zuhura Seng'enge.  (A-Z)

On days when my heart cant contain itself,
It takes me to deeper places.
With your beautiful image that once made me smile,
You come in my dreams and haunt me in a thousand faces.
When night time falls on the floor of the ocean,
The deep water presses down on me.
With names you used to call me in the past memories,
You come to me in my dreams and keep haunting me.
What do you need from me?
Why cant you let me breathe?

At times I run in the middle of the forest, just to stay away from you.
You're everywhere like US Dollar in the forex, you don't make me wait in the queue.
And when I'm lonely, I only play my acoustic guitor, but I still hear sweet melodies of your voice.
Left, right, front and back, you're all on me like I've got no other choice.
What do you need from me?
Why cant you set me free?

Bruised by tears of sorrow,
I have become blind to the world,
Even you have grown faint to me now,
And i think maybe things would get better somehow,
But like a ghost i still wander round and round in circles,
Seeking for direction, redemption, attention, affection,
Because obsession over you is compelling,
Even when you disappear from me,
I still hear your voice calling and calling,
Tell me, what do you need from me?

So why do you come to my dream and take me to heaven?
In my dream I followed you like six and seven.
But I must wake up, and start to chase you for good.
Enough of feeling cold, you're my summer coming soon.
Enough of being lonely at night just talking to the moon.
Coz all I see in the sky is our names written in the stars.
And they all fall down on me, to the bottom of my heart.

I 'm not an angel,
I 'm not a knight.
But if you let me i can be yo hero tonight.

I 'm not a fairy,
I 'm not a witch.
But if I had magic I'd make you my charming prince.

But if i were an angel,
but, if i were a witch,
I would change the past so you won't have to be the lost dream.

@MOG Lapoetista Openmic.
Thursday 6/11/2014  10:40pm.

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