Friday, January 2, 2015

Beauty Beyond Compare.

You are a beauty beyond compare;  
A woman of worthy, my eyes have finally bared,
witness to how dawn makes your beauty more rare,
Captivating to the eye that dares to stare.

You are the shimmering light when day breaks,
You are a song the sirens dream to make,
A woman of class,
Full of life, full of grace,
Envied by every creature that glimpses your face.

Genuine is the kindness that you show,
You are pure of heart, a loving soul,
Everything you touch seems to glow,
Every time you touch a heart love grows.

You are more preciuos than diamond and gold,
You are a wonder to behold,
Worthy of the tittle that you are bestowed,
Worthy of the gifts that you are endowed.

Dressed so decently,
Such fineness I have never seen,
Poised with manner befitting a queen,
Blessed with a smile that puts minds on a spin,
An image of sophistication,
Without and within.
Alive became my ears hearing your name my dear,
Blessed I would still be if i were only your court jester,
To have you in my life is more than the Lord could offer,
To watch you laugh is magic, I wish to witness it forever.

Have me my love and my love for you shall know no bounds,
I will vow forever with you as we stand on sacred grounds,
with our loved ones; family, friends, comrades from known and unknown towns,
To honor my promise to love you through all ups and downs. 

As it dawns again I wake to your breathtaking smile,
It is hard to fathom that you are trully here,  and mine,
A beauty beyond compare my eyes have never seen
A woman of worthy with manner befitting a queen.
©Zuhura Seng'enge
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