Sunday, October 1, 2017


They say life is heaven when you meet the perfect mess to be imperfect with
Like blood, scars and sweat on the hands of a swords smith
You and I, never waited to be celebrated
When we discovered each other we were liberated
Took our fill of potions from the wells of addictions within one another
How blissful, to be selfless unconditionally in service of your lover
I learnt that the more you give the more you're fullfilled
So to your plant let me always be the field
I promise the best of nutrition
That black wine, your body's salvation
And I vow, to keep you hooked on it
Stain your blood with its poison like a habit
I vow to keep you fully hooked on it
Close by, always revolving around my orbit.

Drunk, drunk, drunk in my love potion,
I'll always get you drunk on my delicious sensations
The concoction, of life and death when gliding together yet safe, for exploration
Just like climbing the Kilimanjaro with little preparation
Your wish is my command, I declare
Limits are lifeless in my universe as my hands await for your dare
'But after you mi lady' you air
Taking my orders like a butler in that downton abbey affair
I think we could be soulmates
I think the sun would never sleep in the presence of our silhouettes
The world would sing love songs after us
In the long silent nights when lonliness makes a ruckus
We would be the band to sing it away
While we sail in our dreams they'll be having us on replay
So let us live like nobody's business we know we'll never be royals
And weekdays are always the busiest but to our rituals let us remain loyal
Because life is heaven when you're with the perfect fit, specially in an imperfect place
It's kinda like a splash of paints on a spotless dress - one beautiful mess.

~ A. L 15/09/2017

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