Saturday, September 2, 2017


We can be the mirror to reflect it.

We are the fire when winter draws its breath
The prayer when soul meets death
Like a candle when cities are blinded by darkness
The butterfly when flowers are shy to get intimate
We are the bodaboda when roads don't take us home
The love song in long nights when hearts are alone
Like a Nokia torch in a smartphone rebellion
The memory when bodies are old
We are the truce when peace is lost
The soulmates in a love deprived world
The soul mates in a love deprived world.

So I want to make love to my soulmate
My soul mate
Make poems when dawn breaks
When dawn breaks
Then make love to my soulmate
My soul mate

Do you want to know, how it feels to make love to your soul mate?
It's like having chocolate melting in your mouth
Like cold stone tangawizi in a sunny day
Like pepper burning on the tongue
Rain dancing on the sand
Like, coconut oil coursing across the skin
A chorus of canonfire
Like lemon dipped in honey
Bathing in ice cream
Like onions sizzling on the pan
Thunder rumbling
Dipping tacos in a cheese sauce
Wine tasting
Like a foot massage after a long walk
It feels like,
Flowers blossoming into full bloom
Reciting poetry from memory
A sunset with a zillion hues
Being high for a century
Like flirting with the moon till sun rises
Sweet dreaming in the titanic as it capsizes

And darn how you love that
I know you love that
Honey how you love that
Know you love that
Baby how you love that
Know you love that
Puddin how you love that
You love that,

Why wouldn't you, when I
Love you more than madly
If I had a heart I would paint my affections on its walls but sadly
You robbed it from me day one when you wore a smile, lips sealed yet conversing with your brown eyes
Love, was when you entered
Before I knew there was a door
When you gave
Even when I already had it all
When you answered
Before I made the call
Love, was when you stayed
When you had more reasons to go

So no, there is no lifetime my when you and I shall part;
If you would be the vein I will be the heart,
If you would be the craftsman I will be the art,
Yea I will be the bullet If you would be the gun,
If you will be the moon I will be your sun
If you would be the book I will be the story
If you would be the hero I will be the glory
Yea I will be the ocean If you would be the tide
Because if you would be the groom I will be the bride
And if love had a face, it would look like this
And we, well, we would be the mirror to reflect it.

~ A. L. 30/08/2017


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