Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Woman

See the sun revealing my inner glow
See this sweat nourishing the seeds I sow
See the smiles striking when I show
See the trail blazing wherever I go
Tell me, did you know?
My Woman is, my woman is, my woman is..

Hear the trees whispering my tales untold
Hear the hearts thumping as my mystery unfolds
Hear this voice warming you when days are cold
Hear the vultures scrambling for the gifts I'm endowed
My dears,  were you not told,
My Woman is, my woman is, my woman is ..

Taste the fruits growing in the light I ignite
Taste this passion dripping from the verse I recite
Taste the wit flooding from my mental appetite
Taste the love bubbling in the hearts I excite
Oh yes, I could never be more right
My Woman is, my woman is, my woman is..

Feel the earth applauding when I plant my heels
Feel this will carrying dreams from lowlands to hills
Feel the victory nearing when doubt before me kneels
Feel the world dancing to the rythm my woman instills
Yes tell me, tell me how it feels.
For my woman is, my woman is, my woman is..


A.L 08/03/2017

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