Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Touch me.. 

Reach inside my heart and bare yourself to me
Let me see you without your masks
Tear down your walls, take off your casques
Touch me.. 

Beneath the skin, and flesh, and bone, and blood
Light in me a fire
Warm my soul with your tender caress

Touch me.. 

Guide me to your shadows and undress your secrets
Let me be your diary
I promise I will never tell
I promise, in the past not to dwell
You do not want to be judged, I know
but to be understood

So touch me.. 

Touch me at my beginning
So you and I arrive as one
Touch me while my heart is beating
Not when I lay cold on the ground

Touch me in the now
Surely you know how
Reach me at the centre, make the zing come to life
In the depth of me,
Be the light!
Be the knight! 

Touch me.. 

Tuch me, touch me,
I dare you. 

(C) Zuhura Seng'enge
~ A.L 30/07/2016

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