Saturday, February 6, 2016


When I think of, a peacefulness where the heart no longer dwells into the mystery of love -
a bliss that cleanses the soul of fear of striding down,
towards its steep, slippery depth;

When I think of, beauty beyond the eye or imagination -
a pleasing existence that cannot be named, identified or categorized,
just understood, appreciated,

When i think of a song -
carefully selected pattern of sounds, notes and melodies,
perfectly aligned into delicate heart warming harmonies -
a music that lights up the face, communicates with the soul in a language not meant to be understood,
but felt.. deeply felt,

When i think of, a light that brings back to life,
those dormant, forgotten feelings that never took full shape -
energy with which one can find what they had lost, even if it were from many many years ago,

When I think of, magic with which one can just, imagine things into happening -
an untamed force that can weave dreams into reality,

When I think of, a place,
where time is deep in slumber, and how much of it spent never matters -
a home, a heaven,
safe from harm and danger,
I think of YOU.

YOU are my inspiration, my darling, my love,

(c)~ A. L 2016

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