Saturday, February 6, 2016


I never celebrate Valentine's day
I don't believe real feelings can be expressed in just a day
I think that love should be shown everyday
and beautiful things shared whenever one can
This Valentine's day seems so superficial
Like it's the only time of the year when everybody is in love
When everybody is happy
Then one day after they are back to lonesomeness and sadly ever afters
This Valentine's day sounds like a debt
Where everyone has to have a partner
Men to provide handsomely for their women
Women to treat their men with care
Celebrating, singing "love is in the air"
Then some hours after nobody is actually there

I never celebrate Valentine's day
I wish I understood why I needed a special day
To know and feel that I love and I am loved
Most of us don't even realize
The true meaning of this day
We have changed an ancient holly day
Into a carnival of reckless, pointless celebrations
A good business idea ofcourse
and the reason for increased unsafe sexual intercourse
This Valentine's day should be erased from calender
It is not our tradition, not in our history

I wanted to write you a poem for Valentine's day
A poem I thought of writing you for a while I might say
but I remembered that real feelings can't be expressed in just a day
and beautiful things are shared whenever one can
So i decided not to wait till February fourteenth
To say what I wish to say
I decided not to write you the poem,
and let actions speak louder instead
I decided, that i want to celebrate us everyday
Yes, we are not perfect
Neither can we tell the future
but for now, as long as we are here
We can make every minute matter,
every moment count
because happiness is what we should not live without

So please babe, let's not celebrate Valentine's,
What we feel ain't for Mr. Valentine
It ain't for Valentine
No not for Valentine.

 ~ A. L2016 (c)Zuhura Seng'enge

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