Tuesday, March 15, 2016


My love,
I never detested it
Never questioned it
Never pretended it did not matter
Or that it did not carry meaning
I respected it
I valued it
I prayed for it
I longed for it,
A light in my dark moments
A lullaby in my sleepless nights
A song in my gloomy days
For it is sacred,
Then when it found me
I had found my serenity
A timeless heaven
More than a light
Better than a lullaby
Sweeter than a song
and like the scorched earth when kissed by the rain,
It quenched for me my burning desire
To love,
and to be loved

O my love,
It is like a flower garden
Carrying a myriad of scents:
Scents of adventure
Scents of passion
Scents of pleasure
Scents of happiness
Scents of strength
I am blessed,
Dancing like a butterfly- pleased to have found its rose
Yes it has quenched my thirst
It has made me contented
I did not detest it
I did not question it
I do not lie in its name
Nor do I take it for granted
For it is sacred
I respect it..
I cherish it..
I accept it..
It is not here be explained
but to be felt,
Experienced, shared

My love, it is another sunset,
and today you stand next to me
I know, my tomorrow will not be the same
and I, shall not wish it so to remain
Because you make every today more beautiful,
more special than yesterday
My love, you make me happy in every way.

(C)Zuhura Seng'enge
~A. L 2016

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