Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Unbroken - PART ONE.

Shake me, push me to the ground
I swear I won't make a sound
Slap me like a child
Curse me
but you will not take my pride
Undress me before the crowd
Strike a hundred lashes on my back
You will not hear me quack
Crack my bones if you must
In my lord I put my trust
You can cut each finger from my hand
You can leave me eight days out the burning sand
You can stand
and watch me bleed out like a cow
No word will come out of me anyhow.
Poke and probe me like a science experiment
Leave me with a permanent impairment

Be violent!

Do not hesitate to punish this prisoner
Mr. Police, judge, jury and executioner
Barry me alive if need be
I do not need my freedom, I was already born free.

You Can't Break Me!
You Can't Break Me!

*Inspired by the movie ‪#‎Unbroken‬
©Zuhura Seng'enge
~ A.L 2015

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