Monday, December 8, 2014

#16 days of Activism~ SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.

For many years women and girls all over the world have been subjected to brutal acts of violence;
Sexual harassment, battery, their lives used as amusement to the world of men.
For many years women and girls have endured this embarrassment from their family members, syblings, strangers.Their lips were sealed forbidden to speak out. Sometimes their children used as leverage for their silence, and for so many years they have kept this secret and many died with it.

For so many years fear has been our best friend keeping us from seeing the true strength and power that we wield. We have been called names; prostitutes, harlots, filthy creatures, good for nothing, men's entertainment. We have endured it all and for a twisted reason we accepted to be objectified and subjected to this humiliation because we thought we deserved it. We thought it was fitting, that we were born weak beings to be driven by men's desires. How wrong we were, and how wrong we are if we still believe this.

For some time now the song has been the same, we 'want freedom of choice', 'we want love', 'we want respect' but have we tried to demand it? It is ours to have, our birthright not something we should earn.
So today I say stop singing, hold a banner and scream it. Today I say stop dreaming, wake up and live it. Today, women and girls from all over the world shall no longer endulge men and their twisted minds, women and girls shall no longer endulge fear and silence. We shall rise together, scream together, fight together, fight for eachother, to demand our birthright, our freedom from coercion. To demand our birthright, our right to a peaceful life, a happy life, a healthy life.

For many years women and girls all over the world have been subjected to brutal acts of violence..
but that time is now over. It is time to break the silence, and say NO to violence.
So say NO! To violence.

Zuhura Seng'enge.

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