Wednesday, December 31, 2014

To The Future.

Called to the future, 
The steps I make from here leave a mark
I want to be remembered, 
my story to be told for generations

Called to the future, 
I saw the signs
heard the summon
Chosen for a bigger world
Leaving home, growing wings
for soaring high and higher
tilI I feel the burn, like fire,

My education begins here now
so I can do great things
but alone I know I cannot succeed
My brothers' hand I shall need, 
to help me wave that wand,
break free the chains,
bring light in the dark days,
My sisters' hand i need,
to help me change and shape my wrong ways, 
Wave that wand,
Save me from the spells of love,
those that seek to devour my soul, 
Come undress this foul;
Lies, deceit, arrogance,
Wave tha wand,
Break the violence.

Called to the future,
I need strength,
to hold his mighty's grace
Chosen for a bigger world
Given a chance -
a second chance to do better,
to soar higher against any weather,
to clean the mess of my past mistakes,
to right the wrongs my kind has made,
to find the forgotten and give them a voice,
to grant women the freedom of choice,
to bring back the dignity, 
stolen by those who've lost their humanity, 
to fight the evil of man's words,
shaking women, blinding them to forsaken their worlds
Yes I have been given a second chance to do it better,
and I shall soar higher against all weather.

Called to the future, 
Chosen for a bigger world,
When I get there do not ask me if I got money
ask me if I am proud
When I get there do not ask how many gigs
ask how many wins
because life is all about growth
So I shall wave that wand,
that pen I hold,
to clean the mess of my past mistakes,
to right the wrongs that my kind has made,
but alone I cannot succeed
for my brothers' hand
my sisters' hand
I shall always, always need.

(It's not the end of the year, but the beginning of a lifetime)
Bye 2014 welcome 2015.
©Zuhura Seng'enge
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