Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who Is To Blame?

Guilt on their faces,
Shame in their eyes
Watching me cuffed to the pole, facing the judge
Freedom is not an option I'm a branded prisoner
Marked for my taste and style
Cursed by my own kind
The same ones who once told me I have never looked so fine
Then turned away and left me to die. 

Pain in my chest,
Bloody tears in my eyes
Chained by the pole for every passerby to see
Left bare, left open, 
used as an object to raise fear
They call it education 101
I refuse to agree, 
How do we stand tall and say we are one? 
when we do not care for each other's lives
Friends, the community, intellectuals, the government;
You curse me, 
You curse my way of life
but you never cared to ask how I got that life
You shoot at me, bullet like words,
Venom that is tainting my name,
while it wasn't long ago you sat back and enjoyed the game
You battle me,
You push me down,
trowing me crosses
but you never tried to teach me how to bare a cross

So is it realy my fault?
If my parents did not raise me to be a lady
Is it realy my fault?
that globalization is taking over and our lives are turning over
Is It realy my fault?
That everyday cultures intergrate,
and our lifestyle they affect
Is it realy my fault?
That I'm a young girl with desires and
my peers' styles I admire
Is it realy my fault?
that this disease has lasted this long
Was I the first to wear a thong?
What was done to save youngsters when the first storm had blown?
Oow that's right,
You just laughed and minded your own
So is it realy my fault?
that our government was not strong enough to take action
that it was not strong enough to set direction
Is it my fault that the world is lost?

Silence was our best cup of tea
Ignoring all that was happening
but now that we're awake it's me that you see?
Blaming and condemning has become our best hobby
but there is so little we do to change our society
Yet we call ourselves intellectuals
We think ourselves righteous
We hold ourselves as patriots
except blaming and condemning,  what have we realy done
to create a better society from this rotten one?

©Zuhura Seng'enge
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